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Provide comprehensive offshore software development services to create valuable


EUO was founded in 1997.


James Wilson–CEO
Marian Negut-CFO




US : P.O. Pox 428 ,Chatham, NJ 07928-0428
Romania : Caprioarei 35 Street Brasov, Romania


Application Development & Product Development
Production Application Maintenance
Enterprise Application Services
Application Migration
Web Sites / Marketing Support
IT Consulting and Services
Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing / Reporting
Testing & QA

Industries Serviced

Industry Overview
Marketing & eCommerce
Information Technology Services
Software Product Development
Move Management & Corporate Relocation

Representative Clients

American Shipper,Inc
Americas Systems Inc.
ASCO Canada
AT&T Broad Band Services
AT&T Labs
AT&T Managed Network Decisions
Atlas Van Lines
Avail Move Management
Computing Concepts, Inc.
Concert Technologies
eOPS, Inc.
Ironbound Intermodal Industries, Inc.
Maersk Data USA
On Time Computing Solutions, Inc
System Builders Corp.
TransTech Partners, LLC.

Technology Expertise

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Sun Solaris/AIX/UNIX, Palm OS/Pocket PC
.Net Framework, MFC, WinAPI, OLE/COM/COM+/DCOM
ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, XML, Java, JSP, SOAP, CORBA, Enterprise
Java Beans, Servlets, Cold Fusion,SQL, VB,C/C++, Assembler, Delphi, Pascal, PHP
Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle,DB2, MySQL, Postgress
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, ExtJS, Sencha 


Received awards and recognition for excellent service by AT&T, Concert, and Cornerstone.
Recognized twice by “AT&T Labs Innovation Forum” for superior work and innovation provided on AT&T projects.
AT&T OMA’s “MVP IT services provider” award.

Our Advantage

Quality terms

EUO's quality teams are formed by hiring the highest qualified IT resources available and ...

Structured Development

A strong believer in structured development, EUO manages to find the balance of ...

Effective Communication

By leveraging tools, processes and language skills EUO ensures effective communications.

Better Value

EUO allows US companies to leverage an emerging economy to obtain better value.


Over two decades of experience providing IT services to US corporations.

With Headquarters in the heart of Romania, EUO draws its team members from the highly trained and technically competent information technology work force of what was once the Eastern Block’s silicon-valley. With robust trade of Romanian IT services to Western European companies, Romania continues to have a strong supply of programmers and engineers. Romania’s world acclaimed universities, are heavily biased towards engineering and IT majors. They are free of charge to citizens and reward exceptional students with stipends, which continue to form an even stronger work force. EUO’s highly selective recruitment process and training program, teaches exceptional programmers the knowledge, methods and techniques important in building Corporate U.S. business applications. Having successfully completed many large applications for U.S. corporations over the last seven years, EUO’s team fully understands the technology involved in building workgroup and enterprise applications, as well as the ever so important skills required to effectively satisfy U.S. clients and user communities. With a track record of 100% customer satisfaction and retention EUO has proven its ability to provide the highest quality systems development services to U.S. and European businesses.

EUO is a strong believer in leveraging full life cycle structured development methodologies. Applied correctly such methodologies help to ensure the success of the project. EUO recognizes that there are many successful methodologies, with most being somewhat similar in form and function, and all being focused on the success of the project. Since different projects and different client organizations mandate and encourage one or more of the varied flavors of structured development methodology, EUO has developed a non-intrusive and hassle-free set of methodology pieces that bridge EUO’s operations with our client’s specific operating practices. From ‘Paper napkin’ RAD to extremely structured full life cycle approaches, EUO team members are ready and capable of integrating with in-house project teams with minimal hassle and disruption to client organizations. All EUO team member activities are reported, governed and coordinated via the Customer Tracking Progress System (CTPS). CTPS is specifically design to support client methodologies while interfacing with our operational systems. EUO has seamlessly integrated with AT&T’s OneProcess, IBM’s Foundation Framework, and ASI’s Target Methodology.

EUO’s methodology and project management system ensures proactive and timely communications with customers, within a structured project framework. EUO uses a multitude of communication tools: CTPS, instant messaging, e-mail, voice communication, net-to-meeting, WebEx, VPN, and demo environments, to share and communicate regarding the project. “The official language” of EUO is English. All employees are required to speak and write fluent English while on the company premise.

By locating its offices within the evolving economy of Romania, EUO is able to offer its customers aggressively low rates while ensuring the best possible quality. Unlike many U.S. and Western European based companies, EUO’s offshore development center is not under the same level of budgetary reductions that greatly diminish the effectiveness of the Quality Assurance phase of the project.

Better than U.S. service levels at offshore rates.

Over two decades of experience providing IT services to US corporations.

Management Models

Not -to- exceed budget

The not-to-exceed budgeting model provides the control of time-and-materials with the protection of fix-priced.

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Maintenance -by- budget

o offer the most effective application maintenance services, EUO has created the maintenance-by-budget management model which establishes a Service Level Agreement.

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Offshore staffing

A popular offshore management model is the Offshore Staffing model.

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Time & Materials

When planning and estimates do not make sense due to project size or when EUO isnot tasked with managing the project team, then the Time & Materials model makesthe most sense.

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