Application Development & Product Development

EU Outsourcing specializes in the construction of custom software applications and “made-for-resale” software products.  

Having successfully completing well over 100 software development efforts, we have built a team and culture geared towards success and centered around our motto “The Project Comes First”. ™

While the bulk of our projects are completed with four to six man development teams, we have also worked on projects requiring as few as one HC/FTE (head count/full time equivalent) and as many as 48 developers working on one project.

Over the years we have worked hard to form a corporate culture and development methodology that consists of processes, tools, and best practices that ensure our clients the highest degree of success.  With each new engagement we test and improve our methodology increasing our quality and organizational responsiveness.

That methodology PMOMethodtm, provides our design and development teams a structured approach to delivering repetitive solutions.