EUO Marketing Web Site Development Strategy

Executive Overview

ESD typically brakes custom marketing web site development into two phases:

  • Static Web Site Phase
  • Dynamic Web Site Phase

Static Web Site Phase

The Static Web Site Phase will take between four and six calendar weeks, and involve graphical theme creation, navigation and page style guide, and Site Map with complete web content and content presentation layout.

The graphical theme creation involves several design and review sessions of graphical proposals between the artists and the project stakeholder, with each review session allowing the artists to refine and mold the graphical proposals into the best-fit graphical theme.

Along with the graphical theme will be the development of the navigation style guidelines:

  • Menu and sub menu layout
  • Text and content styles
  • Fonts and colors limitations
  • Link styles

Special attention will be given to ensure that the currently evolving client corporate web standards are observed and integrated.

The site map will help organize and allow the efficient navigation of the web site content, as well as ensuring all web content is linked and cross-linked for the most optimal and intuitive web site visitor access.

While mostly static content, the completed static web site will include some standard dynamic features such as news and trade show schedule sections, search facility, a careers section (if applicable), and the ability of a site visitor to sign up for a sales visit, white paper or product demo. Sometimes we add features such as a database driven Distributors list that can be filtered by Province and Product/Service type, as well as the ability to have a web site user schedule a visit at an upcoming trade show or request a representative call.

The completed web site will be comprehensive with everything from complete BOBBY testing (for impaired access and disabilities act compliance) to the inclusion of standard verbiage such as legal disclaimer, privacy policy etc.

Dynamic Web Site Phase

The Dynamic Web Site Phase will involve the integration of presentation techniques and dynamic content. It will take anywhere from four weeks to several months depending on the level of dynamic content desired.

The adding of dynamic presentation techniques starts with adding Macromedia Flash snippets to provide a more graphically rich and interactive user experience and to supporting dynamic content enhancements for specific browser types and versions.

The dynamic content portion of this phase involves providing a series of user screens that allow company administrative (non-technical) users to maintain and update the marketing and customer facing information of the web site without requiring programming skills. Additional dynamic content often features links to legacy systems and other company data sources, such as the products databases.

Key Deliverables

  • Graphical and content reface of the marketing web site, with improved content layout.
  • Dynamic elements such as distributor locator, trade show scheduling, visitor registration for sales follow.
  • Support for standard elements like Copyright Statements, Terms and Conditions, Policy Statement, Printer friendly pages, FAQs, News, etc.
  • Support for all major versions of all major browser types.
  • Support for impaired access standards.

Project Management Tools

QA as per development standard phases

Management Models

Not -to- exceed budget

The not-to-exceed budgeting model provides the control of time-and-materials with the protection of fix-priced.

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Maintenance -by- budget

o offer the most effective application maintenance services, EUO has created the maintenance-by-budget management model which establishes a Service Level Agreement.

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Offshore staffing

A popular offshore management model is the Offshore Staffing model.

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Time & Materials

When planning and estimates do not make sense due to project size or when EUO isnot tasked with managing the project team, then the Time & Materials model makesthe most sense.

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