Software Testing & QA

Software Testing and QA services are a critical part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and product development life cycle (PDLC). The demand for offshore outsourced software testing and QA services is growing. Companies are sending all testing and QA processes offshore in the hopes of saving money, reducing time-to-market, improving their processes and capabilities, and ultimately improving quality. 

The need for an independent well established testing team that can understand the dynamics of the QA processes and requirements is critical to the success of your projects. EU Outsourcing ( EUO) has been offering Software Testing and QA services to it’s customers for over 8 years :

- Requirements Validation
- Specification & Design Gap Analysis.
- Deliverable testing
- Usability Testing and Reviews
- User Experience
- Assessments

EUO’s  software testing and QA services go beyond testing and completely cover the software development and product development life cycle. Our firm is very proficient in the various phases of software testing and QA including;

- Functionality Testing
- System Testing
- Transactional Testing
- Load testing
- Stress Testing
- Volume Testing
- Regression Testing
- Performance Testing

The benefits of offshore testing are real, with EUO as your partner you gain a partner with a mature approach and philosophy to Testing and Quality Assurance, that increases value with better results at less cost.