Project Management Tools

EUO leverages the power of ProjectClaritytm to manage and coordinate its dispersed project teams.

QA as per development standard phases

During the planning phase of the development cycle, QA team should focus on the Requirements and Business Scenarios.

EUO Marketing Web Site Development Strategy

ESD typically brakes custom marketing web site development into two phases: Static Web Site Phase and Dynamic Web Site Phase.

Management Models

Not -to- exceed budget

The not-to-exceed budgeting model provides the control of time-and-materials with the protection of fix-priced.

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Maintenance -by- budget

o offer the most effective application maintenance services, EUO has created the maintenance-by-budget management model which establishes a Service Level Agreement.

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Offshore staffing

A popular offshore management model is the Offshore Staffing model.

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Time & Materials

When planning and estimates do not make sense due to project size or when EUO isnot tasked with managing the project team, then the Time & Materials model makesthe most sense.

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