Project Management Tools

EUO leverages the power of ProjectClarity™ to manage and coordinate its dispersed project teams.

ProjectClarity™ is the intuitive and easy to use collaborative workspace that your project teams will use to quickly, effectively, and easily work together.

ProjectClarity™ integrates the entire project organization from the Customers, to the managers, to the individual team members, by allowing everyone to quickly and intuitively access and update project information from anywhere and at any time.With special Customer Relations Management (CRM) facilities, and support for formalproject management methodologies, ProjectClarity™ provides project teams with themost effective mechanisms to ensure repeat successes.

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Management Models

Not -to- exceed budget

The not-to-exceed budgeting model provides the control of time-and-materials with the protection of fix-priced.

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Maintenance -by- budget

o offer the most effective application maintenance services, EUO has created the maintenance-by-budget management model which establishes a Service Level Agreement.

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Offshore staffing

A popular offshore management model is the Offshore Staffing model.

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Time & Materials

When planning and estimates do not make sense due to project size or when EUO isnot tasked with managing the project team, then the Time & Materials model makesthe most sense.

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